Appointment only ?!

Appointment only!!?   YES PLEASE, and here’s why:

The pandemic has changed the way this little shop works… in a good way.   Walkerworks is an owner operated business where you benefit from my many years of experience to help you design your own custom furniture for your walls….a picture frame that holds that precious something that you want to preserve and enjoy…and then my skills in making that design come to life. 


Framing is about the only industry where just about anyone can afford a uniquely designed and truly custom crafted product that will last a lifetime.  In order to create such a thing, we have to start with a great design and in order to get to a great design (that fits your budget), it is important that we have the time to explore the options available to you and your framing projects.  

Before the pandemic, I would sometimes be deep in a design with a client and then another would pop by.  Sometimes yet another client would come in too!  Since there’s only one of me and although I can in fact create multiple designs for multiple clients at once, it is not the ideal situation for me nor you.  A dedicated appointment allows us both to work uninterrupted and unrushed. 

Once we finalize your framing design, I order in the materials that I need for your project and then I make it for you, right here on this property!  As such, this is not your typical retail store and as you can imagine, my job entails way more than just waiting for people to come in during “shop hours”.  With the exception of hanging hardware, FoamWerks Tools and some framing supplies, there isn’t anything in here that you can come in and purchase and walk right out with.

As a craftsperson, a good portion of my job is “back work”: not working with clients on the design table but getting your framing projects done!  Since I have moved to doing business by appointments only, I am not only better able to maintain a safe space for us but I have improved management of all of the various tasks involved in being both a craftsperson and a business owner.  Operating by appointments only lets me be prepared for your visit, has improved productivity, allows me to pop out for business reasons (or for personal reasons) and has greatly reduced my stress.  I will be keeping the appointment only model and I thank you for understanding!


Thank you for continuing to support your local Small Businesses!

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