What is Custom Picture Framing?


Custom picture framing is a way for you to dress your walls with artworks and other frame-ables that have meaning for you while celebrating your own particular style.

Unlike limited ready-made frame options that come in standard colours and sizing and make you do the work (with varying degrees of success and satisfaction), custom framing means choosing exactly what you like and allowing a professional to craft something just for you.

Along with creating framing solutions for:  artworks in all sorts of mediums; documents, diplomas, certificates & degrees; needle-art and fabric art; canvases, photographs, prints and posters ; a professional custom picture framer makes it possible for you to showcase the things that you hold near and dear.  Items like :



Your grandfather’s Korean war memorabilia.
The mittens you received from the Canadian embassy during Obama’s 2013 inauguration.
Your furbaby’s picture and collar.
Your treasured Delft plate.
Your favourite Van Halen album.


Your old Teddy for your new baby daughter’s room.
Memories of your once-in-a-lifetime trip to see the all-star game in Nashville.
The drawing your dad did of Baloo and Mowgli when you were a kid.
Your Wedding Song.



















Vintage specs to hang at your optometrist office.
Your father’s old pocket watches.
A special birthday card hand drawn by a friend.
A tribute to 3 generations of military in your family.


Proof you finished.
Your season tickets to the RedBlacks’s first season.






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