Let Your Mirrors Reflect both You & Your Style 


Everyone has at least one and everyone uses one at least once a day.  

It’s a major accessory in every bathroom, not to mention your bedroom and perhaps your entryway.  

So why do most of us settle for the boring utilitarian ones that were pre-installed in our homes?  

No more! Now even your bathroom mirrors can be BEAUTIFUL!

Choose from amoung the hundreds of moulding samples in our shop to design your own custom mirror.  

We can custom make any size of mirror for you, either bevelled or plain, using practically any of our frame mouldings.

Make a statement with a beautiful framed mirror over your mantle.
Pull your whole room together with a beautiful framed mirror. The wife knew that a well made Custom Framed Beveled Mirror was worth the price. The husband didn’t know it until he walked into his livingroom after we’d hung up his new mirror. Then he said to himself: “Yeah… totally worth it.”
Two matching mirrors in high gloss black moulding with a silver fillet inset.
Two matching mirrors in a high gloss black moulding inset with a silver fillet add drama and elegance to this master bathroom.


Large bathroom mirror (58″ x 36″) is ready to go!



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